WORLDWIDE MANUFACTURER and  DISTRIBUTOR Since 1941 Magnetic Shield Corporation, a division of Perfection Mica Company, is the premier supplier of custom magnetic shielding alloys and custom Built shields.

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MuMETAL® Foil / MuMETAL® Stress Annealed Sheet 
MuMETAL® Bar & Tube
Co-NETIC® Foil / Co-NETIC® Sheet / Co-NETIC® B

AA Perfection Annealed Sheet / AA Perfection Annealed Foil
NETIC® Sheet / NETIC® Foil / Pure Iron NETIC® S3-6 / NETIC® Electro Tin Plated 
ASTM A-753 / MIL SPEC N-14411C / 1J79 / 1J85 / 1J77
Evaluation Kits 
Zero Gauss Chambers
Gauss Meters & Probes
INTER-8® Cable / Co-NETIC® Wire / AA CABLE SHIELD / SPIRA SHIELD Flexible Conduit / EMI Braided Sleeving
MuMETAL® Rooms Shield Design 

MuMETAL® Wound Toroidal Cores
PMT Shields / Magnetic Shield Enclosures / Reed-Relay Shields / Fabricated Magnetic Shields

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Metal Manufacturing / Production Tooling / Shield Fabrication / Prototype Development
Shielding Material Supply / Specialty Nickel Iron Alloys

Magnetic Permeability Evaluation 
Helmholtz EMF Testing 
Design Review / Magnetic Shield Engineering / Consulting & Field Site Survey
ISO Quality Control 

Perfection Anneal

Hydrogen Heat Treatment / Stamping / Deep Draw Forming / CNC Machining / TIG Welding / Metal Spinning / Laser & Water Jet Cutting