Quality Assurance, Testing & Evaluation

Magnetic Shielding Quality Assurance and Testing

At Magnetic Shield Corporation, we test and evaluate all our magnetic shielding materials in our Quality Assurance Lab for shielding performance and magnetic capabilities. All materials must meet our quality standards before they are accepted or sent to our customers. Our commitment to provide the highest quality magnetic shielding material has given us a reputation as the worldwide leader in magnetic shielding manufacturing and materials supply.  We are continuously improving our magnetic shielding quality assurance and testing capabilities and equipment to meet the requirements of our customers and new technologies. Our lab is equipped with various Helmholtz coils, magnetic fields sensors and electronic bench equipment, which we use to test magnetic shield materials and parts to individual customer requirements. 

Most tests and measurements are completed inside our Magnetic Shield Room, MuROOM®, which allows for a low and homogeneous background field environment. We can test to international standards like ASTM A698 and military standards like DOD-STD-1399-070 Part 1. 


We use a wide range of tools, equipment and software in our magnetic shielding quality assurance and testing processes to ensure that our products meet our own stringent standards as well as our customers’ specific requirements. Our equipment list includes: 

  • Bartington MAG-03 and MAG-13 three-axis, low noise fluxgate magnetometers
  • PCB Piezotronics ICP Accelerometer 
  • QuSpin QZFM Gen-3 Triaxial optically pumped magnetometer (OPM) 
  • Bartington Spectramag-6 data acquisition units
  • List-Magnetik Ferromaster permeability measuring device (ASTM A342 Test Method 4, EN 60404-15 Procedure 6 and VG 95578)
  • Ferronato® - BH1300-3-A three -axis Helmholtz coil-set (inside our MuRoom®)
  • Ferronato® - BH600-3-B three -axis Helmholtz coil-set
  • Ferronato® - BH300-3-A three -axis Helmholtz coil-set
  • Micro-Vu Vertex Automated Precision Measurement System
  • Mitutoyo surface roughness gauge
  • 2x Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printers
  • Lake Shore 475 DSP Gaussmeter
  • Lake Shore HMLA-5006-HJ Gamma Probe
  • Lake Shore HMMT-6J12-VR-03 Transverse Hall Probe
  • Magnetic Sciences Magnetic Field Sensor Model 162 (1kHz-700kHz)
  • BK Precision 5491B True RMS Bench Multimeter
  • AE Techron 7226 900 VA, DC-enabled Linear Power Amplifier
  • Kepco BOP 20-10DL Amplifier 
  • National Instruments DAQ USB-6281
  • NI LabVIEW
  • COMSOL® Multiphysics
  • Keysight DSOX2024A Oscilloscope
  • Agilent 1146B AC/DC Current Probe
  • Custom Degauss Driver Unit (2.25KVA @ 7Hz)
  • Degaussing Program
  • Alpha Lab LNA 10 low noise oscilloscope preamp
  • Aim TTi TSX Series High Current DC Power Supply
  • Aim TTi EX354RD Dual DC Power Supply 
  • Aim TTi TG1010A Programmable 10MHz DSS Function Generator