MuMETAL® Tubing | Pipe

Custom order to your specifications
Custom Sizes Available:
Specify your diameter / length ratio and design configuration. Select CUSTOM Size option below. Please allow 3-5 weeks for custom MuMETAL® Tubing | Pipe


Custom MuMETAL® Tubing | Pipe can be CNC machined from our stock MuMETAL® Round Bar producing hundreds to thousands of precision tubes for micro-assemblies. Our MuMETAL® Round Bar is stocked in diameters from 0.25 in to 8.17 in / 6,35 mm to 207,5 mm and is available for purchase. It is critical however that all CNC machined parts are Perfection Annealed after machining to attain maximum shielding performance.

If you require longer tubes or pipe with a 4:1 length-diameter ratio, it may be more cost effective to have Magnetic Shield Corporation fabricate to your drawing or specification using our MuMETAL® Stress Annealed Sheet to roll-form or press-form your tube profile. Tubing | Pipe seams are TIG welded on mandrel tooling to avoid slag or burrs interior to the tube. Again, atmospherically controlled Perfection Annealing is necessary for all fabricated Tubing | Pipe.

Typically, we can prototype most tubes or pipe in 3 weeks using our stock tooling. Ask about our precise prototyping capability, model shop volume and high-volume production capacity.

Our MuMETAL® Tubing | Pipe is not pressure tested for hazardous liquid or gas transmission. To ease installation complexities, shield tubes may be designed in linear sections or split in half sections connected with bead-rolled overlapping joints. Most field installed shielding tubes are designed to externally surround water & oil pipes in underground wells, offshore drilling, building construction, bridges, and laboratory facilities.

For extremely long runs of conduit pipe for electrical wiring and cable, we recommend use of our SPIRA-SHIELD Flexible Conduit which is available in lengths of 100 ft / 30,5 M.  Use our SPIRA-Link shielding fitting to connect sections for longer runs.

Custom Sizes or Configurations: Select CUSTOM Size option to specify your requirements. Include your drawing or sketch if available.

For technical consulting and design input, please contact our Engineering & Technical Services Team.