Custom Scientific Chambers

Please contact us for design input and recommendations
Custom Sizes Available:
Specify your diameter / length ratio and design configuration. Select CUSTOM Size option below. Please allow +8 weeks for custom Scientific Chambers


Our Custom Scientific Chambers are preferred because they are made from industry prefered materials including our brands of MuMETAL®, CRYO-NETIC®, Co-NETIC® AA, Co-NETIC® B  or NETIC® shielding alloys.  Depending on your exact shielding requirements we will work with you to calculate best materials for your application.

Our knowledge, manufacturing expertise and testing methods have produced thousands of scientific and research chambers.  We are able to perform certain experimental performance tests using our in-house laboratory MuROOM®, our Helmholtz Coils, and our wide-range of measurement equipment; resulting in minimal initial investment by our customers.

  • Construction: Full heliarc butt seam welds.
  • Anneal: Perfection Annealed after fabrication to our specification
  • Finish: None Required
  • Assembly: non-magnetic layer spacers for isolation & alignment
  • Degaussing Coils: Optional – used to reduce residual magnetism. Coil loops developed per design
  • Spacers and Guides: Optional – A variety of proven non-magnetic materials to hold the chamber and reduce vibrations
  • Testing: Optional - By Magnetic Shield Corporation prior to shipment
  • Packaging: Custom designed to allow transportatio without shock to fully annealed components or assemblies
  • Installation Services: Optional - On-Site installation and testing may be provided

To achieve the lowest magnetic levels within any scientific chamber and for providing optimum long term stability and uniformity of the internal magnetic field levels, the periodic use of a Degaussing Coil is recommended. We offer both standard and optional high temperature insulated Degaussing Coils.

Our Custom Scientific Chambers have been used worldwide by many universities, private research companies, and national / international laboratories.  We have found proven collaboration methods and profesisonal project management have helped our projects succeed.

We have design and produced many custom configured chambers; up to 5-layers, with & without degaussing systems, up to 80 inch [2.0M] inner diameter and over 300 feet [90M] long.  If you require a custom scientific chamber, our technical team can provide CAD design, testing, data collection and verification services to support your project.

Custom Sizes or Configurations: Select CUSTOM Size option to specify your requirements.  Include your drawing or sketch if available.

For technical consulting, simulation / analysis, and shielding design, please contact Mr. Josh Wickler, Manager of Products & Technology.