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For decades, Magnetic Shield Corporation has helped customers shield rooms with our Perfection Annealed Co-NETIC® AA Nickel Alloy. We continue to have customers building their own magnetic rooms during new building construction or renovation. In these cases, we work closely with the engineers to design / build with our Perfection Annealed Co-NETIC® AA Perfection Sheet and Foil.

Now, we offer a modular MuROOM® which includes a self-supporting frame and low vibration floor, constructed with all non-magnetic materials to maintain a very high shielding factor. Multiple layers can be designed into the frame as dictated by modeling the difference between ambient, stray fields and the customer’s low-field specification (shielding factor). Each room is custom designed to reduce both static DC and dynamic AC low frequency fields, and in some cases to reduce higher RF frequencies by adding electrically conductive materials like copper. The modular room concept is ideal for most universities, research facilities and national / international labs because the room is turn-key, installed by experts (us), and properly designed and assembled for maximum performance. If future changes are required, a MuROOM® can be modified quickly due to its modular construction.

After taking on-site measurements of surrounding magnetic fields we determine the main source(s) of unwanted fields in the designated space. Next, we will provide an efficient solution to mitigate the magnetic interference. Our Technical staff will recommend thickness and material type, number of layers, and any other options such as degaussing coil loops. Please contact us if you would like us to perform an on-site survey.

During initial design of a MuROOM® our Technical team will work through the typical areas of design concern. Typically, every room needs ports to pass cables into the room, and an access door (or multiple doors). LED lighting, ventilation, fire code, egress and other design constraints are discussed early on as they have a huge impact on room performance.

Over the years, we have standardized three primary room sizes used in research. These standard MuROOM® sizes require less design and engineering, thus a lower overall cost and shorter lead-time.

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For technical consulting and design input, please contact our Engineering & Technical Services Team.