NETIC® S3-6 ET (Electro-Tin Plated) Sheet

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Standard Width:
36.0 in / 914,4 mm
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NETIC® S3-6 ET Sheet is Electro-Tin Plated, and a proven alloy used in magnetic shielding of electronic equipment applications. Electro-Tin plating adds improved conductivity for increased EMI shielding, superior corrosion resistance, and good solderability for ground connections, circuit board installation and prototype construction. Annealing after fabrication is not recommended, due to the tin coating. 

NETIC® ET Shielding Alloy is used where magnetic shielding attenuation is needed, but the extremely high permeability of Co-NETIC® AA alloy is not required.

NETIC® ET Shielding Alloy is sold in Sheet form at 0.015 in / 0,38 mm thick, or Coil form at 0.010 in / 0,254 mm thick.

Shearing or Blanking Services: Stock sheet may be sheared to smaller blanks per your request.

Product Specifications

Item Number Thickness Width Length
NET015-36-15 0.015 in
0.381 mm
36.00 in
914.4 mm
15.00 in
381.0 mm
NET015-36-30 0.015 in
0.381 mm
36.00 in
914.4 mm
30.00 in
762.0 mm
NET015-36-60 0.015 in
0.381 mm
36.00 in
914.4 mm
60.00 in
1524.0 mm
NET015-36-120 0.015 in
0.381 mm
36.00 in
914.4 mm
120.00 in
3048.0 mm