Recent Projects

MuMETAL® Sphere Shielding

We have recently manufactured a two-layer magnetic shielding sphere from our high permeability MuMETAL® alloy. The sphere, for use in a government funded ultra-high vacuum (UHV) electron yield measurement apparatus, achieves 25,000 times reduction of the Earth's geomagnetic field. 


Angstrom Engineering

The end user required a magnetic field of 0.5 micro Tesla (uT) over their XYZ stage inside a vacuum chamber.  Magnetic Shield Corporation designed, simulated, and fabricated a two-layer MuMETAL® chamber (MuChamber). The shield reduced the geomagnetic field to < 0.4 micro Tesla (uT) despite the large access ports and openings.  The measured shielding effectiveness was equivalent to the simulated results. See the measured and simulated data on our Magnetic Shield Simulation page.  





(MSR) Magnetic Shield Room, MuROOM® 
Los Alamos National Laboratory

We have just completed a 9-layer magnetic shield room (MuROOM®) constructed from our high permeability MuMETAL® alloy. The magnetically shielded room will support the new neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) experiments at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL). A critical component of EDM experiments is the magnetic shielding, which mitigates electromagnetic distortions in time and space. The internal residual fields of the LANL MuRoom are on the order of 500 picoTelsa. The magnetic field gradient is 0.5nT/m over the central m³. The shield achieves a shielding factor of 155,000 at 10mHz and over 1 million for higher frequencies.

See and read more about it here:




Cryo-NETIC® Magnetic Shields
Fermi National Laboratory

Fabrication of the magnetic shields for the new PIP-II superconducting cryomodules at Fermi National Lab is underway. These 650 MHz beta 0.92 local magnetic shields are fabricated from our cryogenic grade of MuMETAL®, called Cryo-NETIC®, which has very high permeability at superconducting temperatures, typically 4 Kelvin (-452.47 °F). Superconducting cavities are sensitive to trapped magnetic fields in the bulk of the superconductor and can lead to significant reduction of the cavity’s efficiency or quality factor. The shield will reduce the overall field to below 500 nano Tesla (nT).pxl-20211105-190712982.jpg





MuROOM® Compact
Sonera Magnetics

We have recently installed a Compact MuROOM®. This magnetic shield room (MSR) is designed to achieve low residual magnetic fields and high AC magnetic field shielding factors. This room is ideal for developing magnetic field sensors and conducting Magnetoencephalography (MEG) research.   Sonera is developing novel sensing technology for high-performance, non-invasive brain-computer interfaces, with the goal of connecting minds and machines.







5-Layer Zero Gauss Chamber
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division

We have recently completed a custom 5-layer zero gauss chamber of Perfection Annealed Co-NETIC® AA Alloy with custom degaussing coil to achieve low and homogenous magnetic fields inside the chamber. The shield is used for sensor performance testing at the US Navy Carderock Magnetic Fields Laboratory.