Wiring Applications

Cable and Wire Shielding Applications

Our cable and wire shielding applications provide flexible, continuously enclosed shielding barriers with distinct advantages over foil wrapping or rigid channeling, and are used to avoid pickup of unwanted external H-fields (D.C. to 100 kHz), or to mitigate radiation from cable and conductors. Our AA CABLE SHIELD® and SPIRA-SHIELD have been Perfection Annealed to our exacting standards.

Environments that use machinery that generates magnetic fields may include everything from the break room microwave to hospital imaging operations to research labs. Magnetic Shield Corporation offers variety of products for shielded wiring and cabling, including our INTER-8® weave cable, our Co-NETIC® AA Wire, SPIRA-SHIELD® Flexible Conduit, and AA Cable Shield®. We also provide custom fabrication services for your unique cable and wire shielding needs.