NETIC® Iron Alloy Sheet & Foil

Our NETIC® Iron Alloy Sheet and Foil is often applied in fields of high intensity (strong fields) because of its high magnetic saturation characteristics. NETIC® is commonly used in combination (in layers) with Co-NETIC®. Used for either fabricated or flat shields, it may be re-annealed for better performance. Because of its high iron content, we recommend plating, painting, or powder-coating after annealing.

We accept custom fabrication requests for applications that use NETIC® Iron Alloy Sheet and Foil and can provide you a quote based on your description of your needs. Our engineers will calculate the type and thickness of the materials required, generate sketches of construction, and make recommendations for your custom request. We’ll include estimates of costs for the necessary parts, specialty tooling, if required, and prototyping, if requested. You can request custom fabrication through the link that appears below.