On-Site Surveys and Installation Services

On-Site Magnetic Interference Surveys and Installation Services

If your business, lab, hospital, or university is contemplating installing sensitive new equipment, contact Magnetic Shield Corporation for on-site magnetic interference surveys and installation services. Expensive new equipment that is affected by electromagnetic interference must either be located in a site with acceptably low levels of EMI or appropriately shielded if no such site is available.

To design the most effective shielding solution, we must first locate and quantify the source of interference. Magnetic Shield Corporation's team of engineers can provide on-site magnetic interference surveys and installation services to identify whether a chosen location is appropriate for a sensitive piece of equipment based on existing electromagnetic interference. They’ll travel to your location to measure and evaluate the stray magnetic fields causing interference in your systems.

Typically, we complete a full magnetic field survey and report before sensitive equipment and tools are installed. For example, high-end scanning and transmission electron microscopes are sensitive to even the smallest changes in the geomagnetic field (Earth's field). These "quasi-static" fields are caused by ferrous objects moving through space i.e. nearby elevators, doors, carts, forklifts, vehicle traffic ad trains.

Sometimes, these objects and their associated “quasi-static” fields are unavoidable. In other situations, an alternative site might be found for the equipment to be installed.

Magnetic Shield Corporation can measure these small fields using one of our low-noise fluxgate magnetometers and data acquisition units. Once the stray magnetic fields are recorded, our team will evaluate them and determine if the proposed installation site is acceptable for the sensitive device.

If the fields are beyond the limitations, shielding can be added at the source or around the sensitive device. In some cases, an entire room is shielded with our Co-NETIC® AA Perfection Sheet & Foil or one of our custom magnetic shield rooms (MuROOM®) is designed and installed on site.

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