Industries Served

Although our shielding materials and products are used for low field shielding applications across a broad range of industries, Magnetic Shield Corporation provides industry specific expertise, technical engineering know-how, and design consultations to help solve increasingly high-tech advanced EMI challenges.

Our MuMETAL®, and other brands of proprietary shielding alloys and products, which are highly effective in mitigating electromagnetic fields, are frequently sourced and applied to most applications providing a reliable and repeatable method to reduce the frequency disturbance.

  • Aerospace & Defense
    Aerospace & Defense
  • Electronics
    Electrical, Electronics, & Semiconductor
  • Transportation
    Transportation Air, Auto, Rail
  • Medical
  • Research Laboratories
    R & D Labs
  • Research Universities
    Science Research Universities
  • OEM and Consumer Products
    OEM's & Consumer Products
  • Communications
  • Power & Energy
    Power & Energy


Some applications for shielding include:

  • Digital Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) Shield
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • Fluid Level Sensors
  • GFCI Sensors
  • Cold cathode ionization vacuum gauges
  • Miniature Proportional Valves
  • Low noise environment chambers
  • Superconducting RF Cavities
  • Traveling wave parametric amplifiers (TWPAs)
  • Semiconductor production
  • High performance magnetic cores such as toroids and stacked laminations
  • Electron Microscopy (SEM, TEM, STEM)
  • Magnetic sensors and switches
  • Recording tape heads
  • Gas Leak detectors
  • Ultra Low Current Measurement
  • SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device)
  • Current sensors
  • AC Servo Motors
  • Low frequency cable shielding
  • Printed Circuit Boards 
  • Solenoid Valve shielding
  • Fish hatchery tagging and marking systems
  • Vacuum chamber vessels and liners
  • Electron beam shielding
  • shielding for ITER compliance 98JL4W
  • IEC 61000-4-8 Shielding
  • Current transformers and specialized transformers
  • Photomultiplier tubes
  • High-end audio amplifiers and equipment
  • Vacuum tubes
  • PPMS Magnets
  • Ion Pumps
  • Inductor Shielding
  • Magnetically Shielded Rooms – MuRooms®
  • Reed Relays
  • Linear motors and motion controls
  • Vehicle Controls and Sensors
  • Linac Shielding
  • Chambers for Electron Spectroscopy
  • Superconducting circuits
  • Dilution refrigerators
  • Battery Interference
  • Any other application requiring high permeability magnetic material, with a low coercive field and low losses, in the low frequency range.
  • Hydrogen Maser: Atomic Clocks for National Time Keeping Service
  • Deep space tracking and navigation
  • VLBI systems
  • Torque Sensors
  • GNSS satellite monitoring
  • NMR magnets
  • Quantum computers
  • Zero Gauss Chambers
  • Satellite Transport Containers