MuMETAL® Brand Products

Our MuMETAL® brand products cover a wide range of raw material types, shapes and sizes.  We manufacture and supply shielding sheets, plates, and foils, as well as toroidal cores, shielding for wiring and cabling, and custom scientific chambers. We can create shielding based on your needs and designs. Let us put our 80 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying precision shielding alloys to work for you. 

The brand is a legal registered trade name owned by Magnetic Shield Corporation in the United States of America and certain other countries.  Any person or entity requiring use of MuMETAL® brand products of any form as a shielding alloy in their products, or designed into their products, or as specified on their drawings, technical specifications, or certifications, must contact Magnetic Shield Corporation.  All rights reserved.