CRYO-NETIC® Technical Data

CRYO-NETIC® is our proprietary nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy that is ideal for shielding unwanted magnetic fields at extremely low temperatures, typically 77 Kelvin (liquid nitrogen) and 4 Kelvin (liquid helium).

Many high energy physics research applications are conducted under cryogenic temperatures require magnetic shielding. The permeability of our MuMETAL® and Co-NETIC® alloys begin to decline at -40 degrees, which is why we offer our CRYO-NETIC® magnetic shielding alloy for increasing permeability with decreasing temperature.

Please refer to the CRYO-NETIC® technical data sheet links below for chemical composition, and magnetic, physical and mechanical properties.

Highlights of CRYO-NETIC®

Chemical: ~81% Nickel, ~14% Iron, ~5% Molybdenum
Maximum Permeability at 77K: 174,000
aximum Permeability at 4K: 120,000 

Our stock CRYO-NETIC® is Stress Annealed (stress relieved) for ease of fabrication; and must be hydrogen annealed in a special anneal cycle developed specifically for this material as the final process to maximize its shielding properties. Handling and care of CRYO-NETIC® after anneal is critical to its performance.  Conforms to ASTM A753 Alloy 4 (UNS N14080), and MIL-N-14411 Comp 1.


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