Research & Development Products

Research & Development Chambers

Our shielding alloys are field proven in the research community, and, with our decades of hands-on experience, you can be certain you are not wasting valuable time or funding. Whether you are an independent research scientist, inventor or student performing research at a university, national laboratory or design firm, we are here to help. We can provide custom research and development chambers for your unique scientific needs.

In addition to helping customers build their own shielded rooms with our Perfection Annealed Co-NETIC® AA Nickel Alloy, we have developed the MuROOM®, a modular shielded room with a self-supporting frame and low vibration floor, built with all nonmagnetic materials. It is easily modified for changing needs.

In addition to custom research and development chambers, we offer zero gauss chambers made from MuMETAL® alloy in various standard diameters, or customized in any size or configuration you may require.