Distributors and Warehouses

Corporate Warehouse (Metro Chicago)

USA - Bensenville, IL
Magnetic Shield Corporation 
Perfection Mica Company
Email: shields@magnetic-shield.com
Phone: 888-766-7800
Phone: 630-766-7800
Fax:  630-766-2813
Website: www.magnetic-shield.com


West Coast Stocking Distributor- USA

USA - Torrance, CA
Leading Edge Metals & Alloys, Inc.
Email: sales@leadingedgemetals.com
Phone: 877-455-5362
Phone: 310-225-4604
Website: www.leadingedgemetals.com


Distributors and Sales Reps- International

Germany, Austria
Email: info@detakta.de
Phone: 49-40-529-5470
Website: www.detakta.de

Email: mail@elimec.co.il
Phone: 972-3-951-4122
Website: www.elimec.co.il