CRYO-NETIC® Sheet & Foil

CRYO-NETIC® Magnetic Shielding Sheet & Foil

Our full range of CRYO-NETIC® magnetic shielding sheet and foil materials are ideal for shielding unwanted magnetic fields at extremely low temperatures, typically 77 Kelvin (liquid nitrogen) and 4 Kelvin (liquid helium).  Our sheet is soft tempered to allow fabrication, and requires a scientifically developed, critical annealing cycle after fabrication.  Our foil is fully annealed for use in cryogenic applications and is ideal for thermal contraction (expansion) joints, spacers and shims.

Many industries conduct research or manufacture products in extreme low temperature environments. These environments may also be subject to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can impact equipment, data transfer speed, or the quality of a manufacturing process. CRYO-NETIC® magnetic shielding sheet and foil provides a solution to reduce or eliminate EMI in labs or manufacturing plants that use processes requiring both extremely low temperatures and reduced EMI.