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Our Mu-Metal Sheet, Foil, Strip, Rod, and Wire is available to ship immediately from our facility in Chicago, Illinois USA. All material conforms to International and Military standards ASTM A753 Alloy 4 (UNS N14080) and MIL-N-1441C Comp 1. We are #1 source for magnetic shielding in the world. Contact us now and receive your quote today!

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NEW! Mini Zero Gauss Chamber

This miniature Zero Gauss chamber is a portable, all-purpose, bench top magnetic shield. Use this ZG-Mini for sensor calibration, offset measurements, probe zeroing, or storage of sensitive components. 25,000:1 reduction of Earth's Field

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Sample Magnetic Shielding Materials

Choose from three Engineering Lab Kits to build prototype shields and perform hands-on evaluation experiments (more)...

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Evaluation Lab Kits

MuMETAL® Shielding Cans & Enclosures

Available from stock, our standard shielding enclosures are suitable for shielding stray magnetic fields that interfere with board level electronic components. Custom or modified sizes are also available.

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Perfection Annealing

Annealing is an atmospherically controlled heat treatment process that produces the highest permeability shielding. After fabricating your magnetic shield, our Perfection Annealing process re-crystalizes the material which maximizes shielding efficiency (more)…

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Although our magnetic field shielding materials and products are used for low field shielding applications across a broad range of industries, Magnetic Shield Corporation provides industry specific expertise, technical engineering know-how, and design consultations to help solve increasingly high-tech advanced EMI challenges.

Our MuMETAL®, and other brands of proprietary shielding alloys and products, which are highly effective in mitigating electromagnetic fields, are frequently sourced and applied to most applications providing a reliable and repeatable method to reduce the frequency disturbance.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, we also provide custom fabrication of scientific chambers, and we offer the modular MuROOM®, a magnetic shielding room built with all nonmagnetic materials. A wide array of industries use our magnetic field shielding sheets, foils, and cabling and wiring shields. You’ll find our products in the aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, medical, research and development, communications, and energy sectors, and many more. Learn More

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