CAD Modeling

Magnetic Shield CAD Modeling

Magnetic Shield Corporation has built its reputation by helping customers from concept through manufacturing. Since 1941, we have provided precision magnetic field shielding alloy fabrication. Today, our technical team is fully engaged and can assist in taking your magnetic shield concept from idea all the way to a finished product.

Your shield design may start as a simple sketch or just dimensions. We can help develop these into full production drawings. Our in-house 3D magnetic shield CAD Modeling capabilities allow us to quickly and effectively design and communicate design changes to our customers.

After completing magnetic shield CAD modeling through design and drawings, our team will assess if prototyping is practical and necessary to prove shielding performance. In many cases, prototypes help customers reduce risk. However, prototypes are not always practical or necessary. Our technical team works with you to determine steps required to satisfy your requirements.

We’ll work cooperatively with you to make your design idea for a magnetic shielding device or chamber a reality. We can also help with testing and evaluation, and our fabrication experience means you can continue to work with us from design to manufacture.

Below is a recent case where we took a customer’s sketch, developed a 3D CAD model and production drawings, and manufactured the finished product. As you see, we took a basic sketch and used CAD modeling to create a complete visualization of the object. We then produced the box as designed using our Perfection Annealed materials. The enclosure we created did what our customer needed it to do and matched the customer’s design idea with an enclosure that effectively provides shielding from electromagnetic interference.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom design and fabrication services. Our experience means we can provide advice and guidance to help you create the optimal product for your magnetic shielding needs. Whether you need a scientific chamber or enclosure, a specific shape of magnetic shield sheet, or design for coils or cores with particular magnetic properties, contact Magnetic Shield Corporation for the expertise that can help.


Sketch from Customer



3D CAD Model



Finished Product (Perfection Annealed Enclosure)

Please contact our Engineering & Technical Services team for help with your shield design.