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Supplier of specialty magnetic shielding alloys, custom shields, MuMETAL®, test lab facilities & universities projects



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Custom Magnetic Shields and Production Volumes
Magnetic Shield Corporation produces and designs fabricated shields for thousands of customers worldwide.  MuMETAL® Stress Annealed Alloy is used for fabrication because of its soft nickel-iron alloy composition, and highest permeability properties - see more about material selection below. Our shop manufacturers custom shield prototypes, from fabrication to final anneal processing*.  Using machine shop equipment and stock tooling, your hand-crafted sample is manufactured accurately to spec. Whether you need one prototype or hundreds for validation testing, send your sketch or drawings here so we may provide you with a timely quote. For production quantities, contact our Sales Department for annual or production volume pricing. Ask us about Design Reviews and Site Surveys. Let us assist you now with our Engineering expertise and support.

View our renewal certification ISO 9001:2015 here.
* Perfection Annealing is required after machining, forming, forging, or welding to provide maximum shielding performance. Read more

 MuBar and Rectangular Can  Cylinder Enclosure  Custom Fabricated Shield  

Lab Testing, Evaluation, Alloy Sampling and Shield PrototypingLab Kits Brochure
We’ve helped Electrical Engineers, Designers and other technical professionals to prototype, sample and fabricate custom magnetic shields for 75 years as of 2016. Using one of our "hands-on" Evaluation Test Kits, you can prototype your shield with everyday common hand-tools, or bench-top equipment. Once your prototype is complete, we can fabricate more accurate validation samples or pre-production parts to your specifications or drawings. With an extensive range of equipment and tooling, our quick-turn prototyping and annealing services are regularly used by customers for fit and functional testing, prior to production builds. All three of our Evaluation Lab Kits now contain MuMETAL® Foil and Sheet samples, in addition to Co-NETIC® alloy with high attenuation properties and NETIC® alloy for high saturation applications.


We offer a full range of Manufacturing and Finishing services


MuMETAL® For Fabrication of Precision Parts and Enclosures

Manufacturing Services:


Laser Cutting

Water-jet   Deep Draw Round or Rectangular Cans

Chemical Etching

Welding (Spot, Heliarc, Laser)

  MuMETAL® Deep Draw Coil for stamping and forming of shielding cans and



  custom shielding. Read More





Deep-Drawing   VIEW VIDEO


CNC Machined Tube or Pipe

EDM Shearing


  MuMETAL® Round Bar available for machined or forged tubing and precision

Metal Spinning


  parts. Read More

Core Winding






Perfection Annealing Services to Attain Optimum Magnetic Properties

CNC Machining

Magnetic Annealing - alloy treatment

Heat treatment or magnetic annealing processing is a critical step, and required after severe machining, forming, forging, or welding of MuMETAL® alloy to provide

  maximum shielding performance.  Read More


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Finishing Services

ISO Certificate Copy
  Engineering Design Reviews


    Material Selection
  Engineering Support / Technical Help
      Consulting - Site Surveys

OEM Box Shape Custom Shield Perfection Annealing Heat Furnace
 Custom Box Shape Shield
Perfection Annealing Heating Furnace

Laser Cutting
Magnetic Shield Corporation can laser cut our MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®, and NETIC® materials which provide high accuracy, high quality parts, or precise blank
sizes. Using a laser provides clean cut edges without burr or dust formation.

Laser Cutting

With a LVD Easy-Form® press brake, our stress annealed sheet material can be formed with predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die. The precision-ground tooling assures accurate bend angles along the entire bending length.
Sheet Bending

Metal Spinning
A metalworking process performed on a lathe. It is the forming of an axis-symmetric part over a rotating mandrel. Force is delivered by a tool with a rounded end or a roller. A flat, or possibly preformed, work piece is held between a mandrel and tail stock. As the apparatus rotates, the tool applies localized pressure to the work while it gradually moves up the mandrel. This causes the sheet metal work to be wrapped over the mandrel, taking its shape.

Metal Spinning

CNC Precision Machining & Forging
Rapid production runs, high volume parts, close tolerance, and cost efficiency are realized benefits of CNC technology. CNC or computer controlled machines run automated processes that are highly precise and result in quality manufactured parts, components, or products. Learn about CNC Tubing...

 CNC Machining & Forging

Magnetic Annealing
Magnetic Annealing or "Perfection Annealing" is a heat treatment process using a furnace chamber that produces the highest permeability shielding. Typically, a hydrogen atmospherically controlled annealing is required after stamping, machining, bending, rolling or welding to provide maximum attenuation and shielding performance.

 Perfection Annealing Heat Furnace  

Deep-Drawn MuMETAL® Shielding Cans MuMETAL® Deep Draw Coil For Enclosure Fabrication
MuMETAL® Deep Draw Coil
is available for stamping and forming of MuMETAL® Shielding Cans
which provide excellent low frequency magnetic field attenuation with low coercive forces and are used in many industries for protecting critical devices from magnetic interference, electromagnetic radiation and cross-talk signals. Products using MuMETAL® magnetic shielding cans include high-end audio amplifiers, current transformers, specialty transformers and other distinct electrical/electronic & printed circuit board (PCB) components. Our cans are easily integrated into circuits so this shielding method may be found in audio, automotive, automation, power supply and power generation sectors.

We also produce specific form tooling and custom size production cans for many of our clients. Manufacturing new tooling normally takes approximately six weeks before supply of the first prototypes for approval but we can produce hand-made prototypes of a new design in 2-3 weeks to verify the product prior to any tool cost being incurred.

All of our shielding enclosures can be supplied with either inside or outside tight fitting Lids, creating a 6-sided shielding enclosure. MuMETAL® Cans are not automatically supplied with Lids; if you require them for your application, please specify this at the time of placing your inquiry.  All of our Lids and Cans may be further machined to include holes/slots configured for your wiring requirements. Typically, our high permeability (µ) 80% nickel-iron MuMETAL® Cans are shipped as is since our AA Perfection Annealing method provides a bright nickel appearance after anneal. We do offer other finishes including plating, electro-polish, powder coating and paint. Small order quantities of Cans, larger dimension sizes, or thicker material can be fabricated using traditional methods, including Spinning, CNC forming and TIG welding.

Deep-Drawn MuMETAL® Cans - Low Frequency EMI Shielding

MuMETAL® Cans - Round Shape

MuMETAL® Tubing Produced From Round MuBarCNC Precision Machined Tubing Low To High Volume Production
With our NEW MuMETAL® Round Bar in-stock, we can precision CNC Machine MuMETAL® Tubes or Pipes, producing hundreds of thousands of Tubular components. MuMETAL® Bar is typically specified for electrical and electronic technical applications requiring a magnetic shielding alloy with a high permeability property to reduce low field disturbances. Other uses of Mu Bar include production of precision machined or forged components such as current sensors, current transformer cores, or ground fault circuit breaker relay parts. CNC or computer controlled machines run automated processes that are highly precise and result in quality manufactured parts, components, or products. Tube bending, cutting, flaring, swaging, and shaping are some processes that may be selected in the design and production of MuMETAL® tubes. Rapid production runs, high volume parts, close tolerance, and cost efficiency are realized benefits of CNC technology.

Attach your design drawing specs for custom tubing fabrication when submitting a Request for Quote.

After a full magnetic anneal, MuMETAL® and Co-NETIC® shielding alloys exhibit a clean, bright surface condition. Also, because of its high nickel content, these alloys are corrosion resistant. Consequently, MuMETAL® and Co-NETIC® shielding alloys are usually used as annealed, without further finishing operations. But, there is a variety of finishing operations available to customers requiring additional corrosion resistance or cosmetically pleasing finished parts. Other purposes for finishing include preparing surfaces for paint adhesion and achieving a specific micro-inch (µin) finish.

We can offer the following Finishing services:

Aqua Blasting





Powder Coating

Sand Blasting





If your process or machines shear, plasma cut, water jet, punch, laser, or mill, there will be burrs. There are many manual machines and automatic machines that can remove burrs for ensuring the functionality of the machined part, as well as the safe handling of the part.

With a Fladder® Danmark A/S machine we can deburr or sand work pieces from all angles within the four parameters which are normally synchronized in pairs. If the RPM of the abrasive tools or the feed speed of work pieces is altered, the other parameters change automatically. Each function may also be 100% manually operated.

Also, with a metal vibratory finishing machine we can deburr products and remove sharp edges. Your parts are placed inside a drum filled with abrasive pellets and a substrate, then tumbling vibration is used to create a uniform random texture. The machine’s cycle speed and magnitude of vibration are usually variable, allowing effective treatment for a range of small- to large-sized parts.

 Machine Deburring Fabricated PartsDeburring - Metal Vibratory Finishing Machine

Aqua blasting
Aqua blasting also known as vapor blasting, is a wet blasting process utilizing 100/150 micron glass media suspended in a high pressure water system - unlike shot blasting this process is non-aggressive. Aqua/Vapor Blasting is both highly effective and gentle at the same time - the process cleans very effectively without removing any other underlying metal or substrate. This allows for the cleaning of delicate parts arnd soft metals like MuMETAL® and Co-NETIC® alloys.

Design Reviews
Upon receipt of your custom design by drawing and/or specification, our technical team can review your design, provide valuable input, and fabricate your shield. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier, we are prepared to manufacture to your specifications. We are a diverse company, offering a broad range of production capabilities and solutions.

Site Surveys
Our engineers are available to perform site surveys under a consulting contract agreement, reporting our recommendations of how to mitigate EMI/EMF disturbances.

Material Selection
For fabricated shields, we use MuMETAL® Stress Annealed Alloy. Engineers and Buyers beware: MuMETAL® is a registered brand of Magnetic Shield Corporation.
We doMuMETAL® Alloy not Engineers and Buyers beware: MuMETAL® is a registered brand of Magnetic Shield Corporation. proprietary brand that we certify to
exacting quality standards and material specifications. MuMETAL® is the most commonly used shielding alloy because of its reputation as a highest permeability shielding alloy available. MuMETAL® is generally available for fabrication and must be annealed after welding, forming or bending.
Need more sample material or larger sizes? We can shear or slit our stock sizes to meet your needs. Most of our alloys are sold by the
foot so you can purchase in small quantity for further evaluation and sampling.

Engineering Support and Quotes
You are invited to call our Engineering Department to discuss your design requirements and to send a sketch or drawing for a prompt quotation. And, with our decades of hands-on experience, you can be certain you are not wasting valuable time or funding.

Send quote requests with drawings or specifications to us, or contact our Engineering Department with any specific questions.

Request Quote  - Fabrication  Fill out our quick form.  Enter your comments/questions and click Submit. You may attach a design drawing file for review. Thanks!

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