Three-axis set of Helmholtz coils, of 600mm in nominal diameter

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This three-axis coil set is for labratory or general use to be used to generate AC and DC fields. 

All three coil pairs have a field/current ratio of 300 µT/A for magnetostatic fields.  

The precision of the coils results in less than ±1% error in the generated field.

Coils are wound on aluminium alloy forms which are rigid, lightweight, and also provide a screen for electrostatic fields. 

Each aluminium form provides a usable extra turn, with connection in the terminal block. An application example is the generation of a small magnetic field (DC or AC) to modulate the main one. Also it can be wired to generate small gradients. 

The coils are rated to 100 ºC without damage to the windings. 

The weight of the coil sets and its stand is 34 Lbs. [15.4 Kgs]. The enitre assembly is constructed with non-magnetic materials so it can be used in a low field environment wihtout adding any sources of residual magnetism.