Business Operations and Essential Medical Manufacturers

Business Operations and Essential Medical Manufacturers

Sep 16th, 2020

Magnetic Shield is open to supply and continue business operations to support essential businesses in industries providing critical need products. We currently work with the integral manufacturing and medical device industries to fabricate shields and parts that significantly reduce interference of EMI in their systems, equipment or devices. We look forward to building new partnerships and serving our current clients with low to high production or prototyping needs.

Industry Activities

Medical devices range from simple to complex, for use in diagnostic, therapeutic, industrial, research, scientific evaluation and other applications.

Medical Fabrication

Major product categories include surgical implants and instruments, electro-medical and diagnostic machines, electrotherapeutic apparatuses, and high-tech imaging equipment and systems.

Types of Equipment:




Hearing aids


Electromedical endoscopic

Programmable pacemakers

Science Research

Research and Development labs along with science research universities reach out to Magnetic Shield Corporation for shielding expertise in high-tech advanced scientific applications where sensitive instruments and experimentation are conducted.

Multi-layer Zero Gauss Chambers are sourced very frequently because our standard chambers consist of 3-layers and are designed to attenuate external static and low frequency A.C. fields 1,000 to 2,500 times. We also design and produce custom chambers.

Many universities and national labs require a stand-alone MuROOM® or Wall Shielding installations. Our technical team performs site surveys and on-site installations. Contact Technical Sales to schedule a project consultation.  Magnetic Shield looks forward to developing new partnerships and retaining our clients that require advanced shielding solutions.