WORLDWIDE MANUFACTURER and  DISTRIBUTOR Since 1941Magnetic Shield Corporation, a division of Perfection Mica Company, is the premier supplier of custom magnetic shielding alloys and custom-built shields.


Begin using one of our Lab Kits for evaluation, prototyping, and sampling. Then select and specify the alloy required for your application. Your prototype then serves as a production model. After prototyping, contact Magnetic Shield Corporation for a fabrication or stock material quotation. Magnetic Shield Corporation provides fabricated shields to thousands of customers worldwide!

MAGNETIC SHIELDING EFFICIENCY FOR WIRING APPLICATIONSWe offer several magnetic shielding products used in electrical / electronic wiring applications such as:  power feeds, aerospace,
vehicle controls, test and measurement devices, audio-level interconnections, communication equipment, and hand-held devices.
One of our outstanding products for reducing EMI is AA CABLE SHIELD; specified regularly for these types of applications across a broad range of industries as listed below.
AA CABLE SHIELD is produced from Co-NETIC® AA high permeability 36AWG Wire and formed into a flexible braided weave sleeving, which is available in tubular continuous lengths.  Our AA CABLE SHIELD unique design with a continuously enclosed shielding barrier manufactured with proprietary Co-NETIC® AA alloy has distinct advantages over foil wrapping or rigid channeling; and is used to avoid pickup of unwanted external H-fields (D.C. to 100 kHz), or to mitigate radiation from cable and conductors.  Co-NETIC® AA is used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation is desired (high initial permeability & high shielding efficiency).  Braid is tightly weaved, so shield coverage is 90% at nominal linear state.  In addition, Co-NETIC® AA wire is corrosion resistant.  Three stock diameters are available and cut to length.

Sample:  A sample of the AA CABLE SHIELD is included in our Lab Kits.

Experimentation, testing, and prototyping typically begins with our "hands-on" Evaluation Kits.  Our kits include several sizes and thicknesses of material to create usable shields.

Ask about volume discounts, special orders, and custom fabrication capabilities to spec.



·  Industrial / Commercial electrical equipment and devices

·  Sensitive electrical & electronics technology and products

·  Electrical components and circuits

·  Home appliances

·  Power sources, conductors, transmission

·  Evaluation and testing



·  Aerospace

·  Government – military, defense

·  Transportation – high-speed rail, automobiles, aircraft, aviation

·  High tech

·  Communications – hand-held devices

·  OEM / design

·  R & D labs

·  Science / physics labs

·  Robotics

·  Drones

·  Clean energy – wind turbines

·  Computers

·  Medical equipment / devices

·  Universities

·  Labs – government  / university / private