Our Zero Gauss Chambers
Based on decades of field proven experience, our most popular research product fabricated from MuMETAL® alloy is the Magnetic Shield Corporation Zero Gauss Chamber. These scientifically engineered chambers provide a laboratory work space of extremely low magnetic field and are preferred worldwide by universities, private research companies, national laboratories and companies required to provide evidence of military or consumer regulatory compliance. Our standard Zero Gauss Chambers made of high permeability (µ) Stress Annealed MuMETAL® consist of 3-layers and are designed to attenuate external fields 1,000 to 1,500 times. Of all geometric shapes, a cylindrical configuration is one of the most effective for absorbing external magnetic flux lines, thus creating an efficient magnetically shielded finite space.
New Larger Size ZG-218
Zero Gauss Chamber
In Stock Now!

Stock & Custom MuMETAL Zero Gauss Chambers
Chambers Consist of Three Layers

We have expanded our stock chambers to include our new larger size chamber ZG-218 with an inside work area measuring 18" diameter.

"Hands-on" Evaluation Magnetic Shield Corp. suggests using one of our
Lab Kits to test, measure and evaluate the effects of low-frequency fields within your physical environment.

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  70+ Years of Innovative Solutions
Whether you are an independent research scientist, inventor or student performing scientific research, we are here to help. As a technology leader since 1941, Magnetic Shield Corporation has seen it all. Maintaining very low magnetic fields in a test environment is critical for laboratory evaluation and experimentation. We have proven expertise working with a wide range of scientific applications; developing thousands of technical solutions!
  Custom Sizes
We stock several chamber sizes and can produce custom sizes and configurations for you; yet most applications are solved with one of our standard models. We can also help with wall shielding, rooms and enclosures to create a low-field lab.
Download our layout drawing for Standard or Custom dimensions.

A Degaussing Coil is recommended.  We offer both a standard and high temperature insulated Degaussing Coils.

An all plastic Cradle to hold the Zero Gauss Chamber in horizontal position sets easily on a table top or work-bench.
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